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Why choose us?

Raw Data, Inc., located in Atlanta, Georgia, is a leading solution provider of software, hardware and services to automate the capture, storage, management and distribution of data and documents.

Raw Data offers solutions from industry-leading software/hardware manufacturers. Our professional and knowledgeable service team will then provide rapid installation, training and superior customer support.


Raw Data Valued Services

At Raw Data, Inc., we understand that every business is unique and can have very unique challenges. This is why we take a customer-oriented approach to finding just the perfect solution for your organization. In some cases, implementing an electronic solution for the purposes of imaging or document management, storage, data capture, forms processing, or CD/DVD distribution requires that business processes be revised. The first step is to understand your business and then analyze your current business processes to understand where improvements can be made, both from an operational and technical perspective. We talk to management and staff members to get a better understanding of the challenges faced by the organization, current staff skill levels, and future goals and objectives. No solution is a good solution if it does not have the buy-in of the people using it. Understanding all these factors ensures we will create a solution that is not only technically capable, but also widely used by everyone in the organization.

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Customer Service

We provide our customers with effective technology-based business solutions while demonstrating outstanding customer service, quality of work, commitment and integrity.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

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Advanced Data Capture (OCR/ICR)

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Raw Data Valued Services

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Our Mission Statement

We provide our customers with superior, effective technology-based solutions for their data/document/information management needs. We demonstrate outstanding customer service, quality of work, commitment and integrity. We demonstrate intelligent understanding of our customers' business and needs. Utilizing a strong customer service-centric approach, Raw Data will meet with you to discuss your manual business processes in detail. We will then ascertain all of the possible options and work with you to create and implement the best and most appropriate solution to yield the greatest benefits and bottom-line savings. Our goal is to provide the best possible customer service and technology solutions available. We seek to build long-standing, effective business relationships and partnerships with our customers. Our professional and knowledgeable services team will then provide rapid installation, training and superior customer support. We love a challenge and welcome the opportunity to earn your business.


"Now that the system is installed and we have all been trained, we love the results!"

- Malon Courts President, Atlantic Investments

"Raw Data Inc. is always extremely responsive when there is an issue. They work easily with other vendors to resolve issues, and they are willing to do what it takes to figure out any problem."

- Ms. Donna Salas Asst. VP Application Systems Group, Republic Indemnity

"The Raw Data team was very professional, as well as flexible in designing just the required support we needed."

-Ken Webber Georgia Medical Business Services