Document Scanning Services and Image Conversion

We all know the world is evolving from physical to digital documents, but which document should we convert to yield the greatest benefits from a document lifecycle point of view? And what is the most efficient and cost-effective route?

Conversion services has often been assigned a status of being expensive and difficult to cost-justify. The numbers often don't work when you convert documents to digital purely to avoid storage costs when you may only view 1% of the documents that are converted. Yet, the conversion from paper to digital is critical in business today to remain efficient and competitive.

Why data conversion is important?


  • Sheer volume or bulk of information makes it difficult to manage

  • Support for multiple destinations

  • Support of multiple input formats

  • Support of inconsistent or uncontrolled styles

  • Complexity of data capture points


Document Level Conversion


We can take a jumbled collection of documents and standardize the way it's organized. During a document level conversion, our staff will audit and arrange file contents to ensure that all the necessary documents are present and are put together in a consistent format. This ensures that you will have all the information you need with complete and compliant files.


Services Offered


  • Backfile Scanning Services: Bulk document imaging of existing paper records


  • On-site or Off-site Scanning: Have our team working at your office or one of our secure locations


  • Day Forward Scanning Services: Automated document imaging and classifcation as documents arrive


  • Cloud Hosting: Don't have the infrastructure or would prefer not to manage the data, host output files securely in the Cloud


  • Document Pickup and Delivery: Pick up & delivery from office, post office box or any other location deemed necessary



Book Scanning

If you have sensetive, fragile, frail or delicate books that need to be scanned, talk to Raw Data today!