AX Reports Management

AX Reports Management facilitates the electronic presentation of statements, bills, invoices, policies, contracts, and other business information. Able to handle advanced print streams as well as traditional computer output to laser disk (COLD) text formats, AX Reports Management significantly reduces costs associated with paper, film, and microfiche.

AX Reports Management is an electronic reports management (ERM) solution that maintains the format of print stream reports to ensure exact replication in PDF format. It also provides a powerful data extraction tool for intelligent parsing and indexing of reports.

AX Reports Management Delivers

  • Automatic report indexing — Process, index, and store reports within AX as they are produced

  • Long-term report archiving — Provide long-term retention of report information

  • Dynamic print streams — Comingle print streams and leverage dynamic formatting within print streams

  • High-fidelity electronic display — Display electronic reports in same format as print versions, improving customer service


AX Reports Management Enhancements


Improved System monitoring — Audit system use and performance and confirm job completion


Advanced print streams support — Preserve advanced formatting with support for AFP, Metacode, PCL, and PDF print streams as well as traditional formats such as ASCII and EBCDIC