Automate required content easily with eForms

Your organization has more than likely thought about and even attempted to digitize your workplace, correct? You’ve probably made great progress, even if it’s taken a bit of time, energy and resources we're sure. The truth is, paper and other unstructured forms still are an issue — and they’re wasting money, blocking efficiency and introducing risk. eForms completes your vision, working with your systems to create a truly paperless environment.

We all just love to fill out paper forms right? There's just something about writing the same information over and over again that adds that needed aspect of the day yes? No, not really?? We can all talk about the benefits of eForms and the technology behind them and yet sometimes all it takes is thinking about how dramatically they can improve the experience of completing a form from start to finish.

eForms Delivers

  • Forms requiring signature(s) can utilize electronic signatures or can be printed, signed, scanned and uploaded via workflow; these forms may also be saved as PDFs, emailed for signature, and returned for scanning

  • Eliminate redundant data entry and provide close integration with existing line-of-business applications

  • Standardize data collection while efficiently capturing accurate data for any forms

  • Apply business logic to forms while enabling a paperless, automatic, hands-free process


eForms Considerations


  • Cost Reductions - Reduces scanning, printing, shipping, and supply costs


  • Simplified Design - Customize the look and feel of any form easily


  • Support Business Process Workflows - Accept, reject or reassign tasks all from within the eForm


  • Ease of Implementation - Integrate, improve security requirements and provide a seamless user experience