Protect sensitive business-critical information

ripRedactor is a software application used to automate the “redaction” of sensitive and/or confidential information from documents stored in the ApplicationXtender (AX) document management repository. As many organizations are faced with the challenge of how to secure sensitive content and personal information ripRedactor preserves the integrity of the original document while meeting business governance needs.

Based on industry standard Microsoft .NET technologies and cutting-edge client UI frameworks, ripRedactor can be easily implemented to provide automated redactions with ease.

ripRedactor Fundamentals

  • Seamless integration with AX requiring no new code

  • Seamless integration with many Data Capture products

  • Intuitive administrative interface that requires minimal to no training

  • Ability to perform ad-hoc redactions of documents in AX


Success Story


    "For PCI compliance reasons, OrthoBanc is required to securely store documents containing sensitive and personal information.  We engaged Raw Data to develop a redaction solution.  The application, ripRedactor, automatically redacts sensitive information and then sends redacted images to ApplicationXtender while adhering to our established AX user security policy.  No operator intervention is required saving hours of manual labor."


    Tina Mead - Vice President, OrthoBanc


    ripRedactor 3 Enhancements


    • Enhanced PDF support: Encoding/Decoding PDFs via background processing


    • Enable/Disable advanced user options


    • Pre-Defined Redaction Zones: Save redaction zones by size, to support 'rubber stamp' like behavior


    • New Redaction Queues: Images can now be routed to support tierd level redaction process flows


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