Automated Data Capture

OCR for AnyDoc™ was designed to work with every kind of document in every industry. AnyDoc quickly and easily extracts the information you specify from your existing invoices, forms and documents. The software achieves up to 99.9% accuracy in extracting information from documents containing machine print, hand print, mark sense and one and two-dimensional bar codes. As it extracts information, you can apply specific business rules to validate the data.

Once the data is extracted and validated, questionable characters or fields are displayed for you to correct or accept. The final step is to export the validated, corrected and verified data from the forms for further processing in destination of your choice. All of this is performed with minimal human supervision or intervention.

OCR for AnyDoc Delivers

  • Give you the freedom and flexibility to incorporate document capture and processing into an automated workflow that matches your company’s existing business processes

  • Capture data by scanning any document type locally or from any remote locations

  • Identify and classify data automatically in order to route all of your documents quickly and easily

  • View and manage all of your documents, system and user metrics and solve productivity problems as they arise


Largest Use Case Scenarios


  • Accounting & Finance - Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Financial Close Process, Procurement & Purchasing, Vendor Management...


  • Healthcare - Claims Processing, Appeals & Grievances, Patient Financial Services, Open Enrollment...


  • Insurance - Claims Processing, Underwriting, Agency Management, Application Processing...


  • Departmental - Human Resources, Employee Onboarding, Process Control, Contract Management...


    OCR for AnyDoc 20 Enhancements


    • Updated Classifier: New classifier for incremental performance and quality improvement.


    • Performance: Enhanced viewing of attachments, extensive performance for EOB processing, increased speed for forms with over 200 zones.


    • Additional Server Support: AnyDoc v20 supports Windows Server 2019, enabling customers to plan and upgrade to the latest version of Windows Server.


    • EXCHANGEit and OnBase: Tighter integration of document processing.


    • CAPTUREit: Imprinter strings for inserted or appended images.


    • MANAGEit: New totals by phase in the pending activity view.